AnimeNEXT 2009

Ok I’ve finally recovered enough from AnimeNEXT 2009.  Its the first con I’ve actually been to on a Friday.  The morning really sucked as the con is hard to get to without a car.  Compound that with the trains not working correctly.  Not a good start from getting to the new location for AnimeNEXT.

For a first time I planned on bringing two cameras bodies so I wouldn’t have to change out lenses as its outdoors and had a bit of space to work with.  But that plan was dashed as while getting my equipment ready I suffered a casualty.

Filter SMASH!Filter SMASH!

The lens was rendered useless as I couldn’t get the smashed glass off.  I did however get it off when I got home by learning filter cutting 101 rather quickly.  I thought the lens survived as it focused while I was at the con.  But until I got all the glass out and tried it at a different focal length and heard the gears grind in pain.

Mangles FilterMangled Filter

Other that that the weekend was pretty fun.   I ran into bunch of people and met a few new people.  I took the time to play with the Lensbaby Composer lens again.

Lensbaby Composer
Lensbaby Composer

A few costumes  were really fun.  I really liked the one of Taokaka from BlazBlue.  The glowing eyes with a slow shutter speed just made for some funky effects.

Taokaka Oh Noes!
Taokaka Oh Noes!

Saturday part of the day was gone as I help run a panel with C.R.A.Z.Y.O.T.A.K.U. I took a couple quickshots there in the beginning.  Here.

On Sunday I lined up for Cosplay Chess.   You can either go through a few hundred pictures via the website or download them all in one shot with the link below.

Cosplay Chess Photo Download

After cosplay chess not too much was planned but I ran into a few Steampunk cosplayers before getting ready to get to a train.

And to see everything.

Click here for the AN2009 Gallery

Other than photos I didn’t get much chance to cover any other panels as the panel I was part of took about 5 hours out of the day.

Thank you for posting these photos. I missed the cosplay chess and it was all right here! You captured all the excitement! ^_^

I hope your con experience was enjoyable!

My 18-200 died. I need to see if i can sneak it under warranty if i can find the card/reciept. Or it’ll hopefully be a sub $300 repair. The drop was only about a foot onto carpet which was the strange part.

Thank you so much for posting up your Steampunk picture gallery! The photoshoot was so much fun and your pictures turned out fantastic. Our little impromptu photoshoot right at the end turned out great as well. Thanks again! You’re very talented!

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